About us

We are a diverse group of individuals with various talents and skills that aims to build a diverse and inclusive workforce through training and various organizational approach. We create opportunities for people from all walks of life and offer a diverse workplace for workers, practitioners, and volunteers a wider avenue to understand and appreciate different cultural backgrounds and lifestyles.  A diverse workforce that creates a positive image for social interactions and improvement. We believe in creating a workplace that respects and welcomes each one's ability from diverse educational backgrounds.

We discover, we create and  build inclusive environment of teamwork, collaboration and a work environment of trust and confidence.

Our Mission

Provide a supportive environment for growth that can open doors and opportunities for unemployed people to find their worth, their use, and get involved.  A starting point to rediscover what to do when unemployed using one's existing professional skills.

To establish a center for a workforce that fosters partnerships among the city government, non-government organizations, community organizations, and universities or other partners who share the same purpose and common interests that we like to achieve.

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Organization for Migrants Aspiration

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