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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

There’s a huge benefit to bringing people together from a variety of backgrounds, belief, cultures and lifestyle. Not only will this create a well-rounded and inclusive workforce, but it will also bring creativity, encourage different perspectives and introduce new thoughts, and ideas, which will contribute to efficiency, make a way for improvement and motivate others.

Despite the pandemic, OMA meets for coffee discussions to plan future projects and events. (Top photo: Latest meeting on November 10, 2020. Photo down: Summer get together amidst the lockdown in July).

Sharing the same needs, understanding and aspirations, we created this association. We have an obligation and we feel the importance to address those needs. It's when we come to share our dreams, desires and ideas that builds up each one's self-steam. OMA aims to create opportunities to help talented and skilled people to find their place and realize their worth, and usefulness in the society. Many of us obtained college diplomas and higher education certificates but doing nothing.

Some of us possess the skills and expertise needed for gainful employment, but couldn't find ourselves where to fit in this world, not even in the society that we live. Many unemployed people feel a sense of hopelessness and see no path to career success. There should be a better approach. Employers everywhere need to adjust their mind-sets and commit to adopt a new strategies that enable skilled and talented people to employment.

(Photo: First activity in full cooperation with the city government of Tampere. How we all started to make OMA works in 2019)

Nothing is impossible when we commit ourselves to do something that is worth trying and worth achieving. Something has to be done and we want to be a part of this change. Would you?

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