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The Nordic Charm Brings Me To Tampere

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

From my home native land in Cordillera, to Vancouver, Barcelona, Paris then to Tampere, I look back today with grateful heart as I celebrate life with my 8 years of residence in Finland.

Being a freelance Journalist who loves travel and adventure, the Nordic countries has always fascinated me when I spent my first Christmas here in 2011. Until I got a job offer in Helsinki, I decided to move to Finland right away without delay in the summer of 2012.

Coming to Finland to work made me fall in love with the peaceful, clean surroundings and lovely nature; to mention, the beautiful city of Tampere that I consider my second home. Until I got employed at the English School of Tampere for four years after acquiring my TESOL- Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, and CELTA certificate in Barcelona. An opportunity that took me to gain some work experience in Spain and then in France before coming to the Nordic region of Europe. It's been a wonderful journey of teaching experience during my early years in Finland. But as I live longer in this country, I realized that I need to love the cold weather, especially the dark long winter, embrace not only the culture, the people but also to learn the difficult Finnish language.

One of the interesting parts of enrolling in the Finnish language course is doing on-the-job training. It's been a great experience and opportunity to carry out public service and perform voluntary works for the benefits of the immigrants. A privilege also to apply my public relations experience in the field of mass media and journalism which I immensely loved and enjoyed. I continue to focus my interest in interviewing immigrants who came to Finland as a student, to work, or as an asylum seeker who fled from their country to seek refuge and start a new life in this country.

As I accomplished my work training, I realized that it's really difficult in Finland if you do not know the language. There's always a need of two interpreters and two social workers in the worksite for two days a week to be able to meet the costumers need. The importance of work assistance is visible every day. This kind of situation encourages each volunteer and practitioner to help in assisting and translating documents.

Having done a work practice at TEKO-Hanke offers an avenue to help and influence local people and immigrants alike. The information drive helps the workforce team the following tasks: - a community cafe, assisting the immigrants in filling in the forms needed in everyday matters, medical examinations and social services, and different appointments that concern their everyday life. These are the few tasks that need to be carried out every day as the need arises. It's a multi-task job to be able to meet the needs of each one who are still finding their way to establish their community and having to learn the "know-how" procedures to process important documents.

My love and involvement in the Tampere community are immense that extended as far as my interest and passion took me. Volunteering my time to teach English to refugees has been a great challenge and a meaningful one. Working with a multicultural group of people with a diverse educational background is an amazing experience that one can ever have. It's through people like them that the true meaning of life became real to me. I started to understand the true sense of sharing one’s talents and working together in harmony and submitting to the more important task of loving and serving people together despite differences in beliefs, ideologies, and backgrounds.

At present, I'm working with OMA as the Media and Communications Officer. We believe in the strength of collective knowledge and efforts. Together we can build a diverse community that welcomes individuals who are passionate about making a change in other peoples' lives. To know more about the things I'm interested in, you can visit my own personal website; .

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