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Wisdom From A Eurasian Chef

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Meet Sunny De Costa, a hardworking, pro-active Head Chef with an Upbeat and positive attitude, who is passionate about food and quality. Possessing excellent organizational skills, highly efficient and methodical with a good eye for detail. Having a good team spirit, deadline orientated and able to efficiently manage kitchen operation and also supervise staff. Fully aware of health and safety issues and compliant with the requirements for food handling, sanitation and cleanliness. Sunny's passion for cooking brought him to Finland. He is a highly motivated and driven person to pursue his dreams that flourished when his expertise was in great demand not only from his country in Malaysia but abroad. His work experience in the international field of culinary career challenged him to become better. He is ever ready and qualified to take the next stage to success. He proved that and now he is the Head Chef of the famous Malaysian restaurant in the city of Tampere, called Borneo Ravintola. "Cooking is about passion, it's not only loving what you do but what you give the best comes back to you with great satisfaction and if you fail, you should learn more from it." Sunny shares that great chefs come from two greatest influence, primarily is the deep love for food, which led them to embark on culinary careers. Second, a strong pursuit for knowledge, which enabled them to achieve enduring success. To be an accomplished chef in your own right, you need to have both. "I'm sharing this because I believe in everyone's talent and capabilities. Believing in yourself what you can do makes you the person you want to be." Sunny gained excellent attention and received recognition in the international culinary field, but he remained humble because he believes that costumers deserve the best, which is to serve food that people would enjoy.

Chef Sunny De Costa poses with fellow OMA members after a healthy lunch and meeting at the Borneo Ravintola

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