OMA Services

OMA gives support and helps immigrants in finding how and where to seek help in times of need. Offers information and discussions with the help of a social worker or a counselor to give advice and assistance to problems on daily living; such as health and social issues. Gives supportive guidance on matters related to improving the lives of immigrants as they adapt to a new society in Finland.

The association offers customer guidance, counseling, and motivation. Support customers in everyday life and maintain their ability to work together by finding meaningful things to do. Motivate and encourage immigrants and refugees to find their own strengths and learn to use them for the benefit of society. The aim is to offer work practice, find a place to study, and possibilities of finding jobs.

OMA encourages every immigrant to learn Finnish and offers a friendly atmosphere to learn basic Finnish language lessons through group discussion, group activities, homework assistance, and games.


The association gives peer support. OMA provides knowledge, experience, emotional, social, or practical help to each other. Welcomes trained supporters who are experienced in peer mentoring, reflective listening, or counseling.

Most importantly, OMA creates opportunities for people from all walks of life and offers a diverse workplace for workers, practitioners, and volunteers a better place of understanding and appreciating different cultural backgrounds and lifestyles. It provides a diverse workforce that creates a positive image for social interactions and development.